Sunday, November 19, 2017

First World Day of the Poor .......A Challenge for all to share what we have with those who have nothing!!!!!!!!!

This Sunday parishes in Rome and around the world will mark the first World Day of the Poor which is just one of the fruits of the Jubilee of Mercy.
The Pontifical Council for the Promotion for the New Evangelization has been tasked with the organization of the initiative called by Pope Francis.
“The Holy Father announced this initiative, occasion, this opportunity for grace during the Jubilee when he reached out to those who are socially marginalized and so this is an opportunity for the Church around the world to not only celebrate and assist and be with those who are poor, but also to change our attitudes about poverty”, says Monsignor Geno Sylva, English language official at the Council.
He points out that, “this World Day of the Poor, it’s so beautiful because it’s nothing about power, it’s nothing about anything else but reciprocity, giving and receiving.”
 “We are all poor in some way” … notes Mons Sylva, “and everybody’s got something to give, something to offer and this day can serve to open our minds and hearts, our attitudes towards the poverty that exists every day of the year.”
He goes on to say that, Pope Francis, “continues to focus the Church, its attention towards how is it we respond to poverty institutionally, but also to people individually.”

Blessed Solanus Casey!!!!!!!!

 When Father Solanus Casey is beatified Saturday as “Blessed Solanus,” the legendary Detroit Catholic priest will become an even greater inspiration, and rarity. The Capuchin will be the third American-born person to be beatified in the U.S. He’ll become one of three Americans who currently hold the title of Blessed, one step away from being named a Catholic saint.  
 By a decree of Pope Francis, Casey will be honored because Catholic officials say a Panamanian woman’s prayer at Casey’s tomb in Detroit was answered by a miracle: her skin disease healed through his intercession.
 Nearly 70,000 people — from parishes across metro Detroit as well as Ireland, Italy, Guam and Panama — are expected to pack Ford Field for the beatification ceremony. About 500 priests will be in attendance, including 235 brown-robed Capuchin friars and four red-robed Catholic cardinals. It will be ordinary, and extraordinary.

  • Father Solanus Casey declared 'Blessed Solanus' at Detroit beatification
  • Thousands flock to Detroit for Father Solanus Casey beatification Mass