Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The General Minister and Archbishop of Loreto sign an agreement .....

The Sanctuary of Loreto is being looked after by the Capuchins for many years....the province of Marche has provided for many years the pastoral care for Loreto....since three years the General Curia has taken over this service....we have an international fraternity serving the sanctuary....today was an historic day as the Order and the Custody of Loreto signed the agreement....the sanctuary is directly under the Vatican.....and there is an Archbishop.....
 Rector Fr. Franco of the Sanctuary of Loreto
 General minister giving a warm welcome to Bishop and Rector of Loreto
 Signing of the agreement after having read in the presence of the general council

 The Archbishop is very positive and happy about the Capuchin and our service.....he said it is a place of evangelisation......place of Catechism and announcing the good news in a new way to the pilgrims besides the sacrament of reconciliation

 The Councillors gave their consent...

 The Mangnifico delegate of Loreto ....Fr. Raffaele .......

Monday, March 19, 2018

UNIFra - Project Discussion!!!!!

This morning the council met the formation council who are working for one Franciscan university...we discussed about the criteria and objectives that inspire the transition from the present academic realities (Pontifical University Antonianum and the Pontifical Theological Faculty of St. Bonaventure) to the new Pontifical Franciscan University. 

This project, more humbly, wants to put the new University in a position to start well so that it can live, grow and flourish independently.
The Pontifical Franciscan University (initials: UniFra) is configured as a new juridical and academic reality, which happens at the previous Pontifical University Antonianum (P.U.A.) and Pontifical Theological Faculty St. Bonaventure.
For the birth of the new academic body and in view of its functioning "at full capacity", reasonable and realistic times are foreseen, so that all academic activities can be brought together in an orderly manner.